Monday, April 2, 2012

The highest and best reason for great Interior Design

It has been said that great Interior Design brings together the emotional and spiritual needs of a person.  That is why there is nothing hap-hazard about good design planning.  Time must be taken to know who you are and how you want to live-- how you comfort yourself.  What colors do you live with and wear?  What music moves your soul?  What is it you want to welcome into your life?  Because that is what thoughtful interiors do--they tend to pry open our hearts to receive something different than what we thought we knew.  A lovely book by the late John O'Donohue has the perfect title for this idea: To Bless The Space Between Us.  That is what great interior design is all about and there is nothing trivial in taking the time to achieve it.  May you bless your life with beauty, comfort, warmth and meaning this Spring and always.

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