Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tips and Inspiration

Designer Tips and Inspiration

  1. Start out with a furniture plan. Sketching out where you want everything in terms of the room’s layout is vastly important

  1. Filling a large room with large furniture can be unattractive. Create small spaces and zones. This makes a room more conversational and cozy. When entertaining, adapt a seating arrangement of a room. Having side chairs scattered throughout makes this much easier.

  1. Lighting is key. You’ll need lamps and reading lights near sofas and chairs. By determining where outlets are before placing the furniture, you can avoid making mistakes. Overhead lights cast unflattering shadows, so the more lamp light the better.

  1. Add contrast to a room by leaving at least six to twelve inches between a rug and the walls.

  1. Create vignettes in underused spaces by adding a painting, a console table, or a side chair decorated with a stack of books.

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