Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Blues

So it's February and cold...............let's not let that be the end of the statement.  How about....So it's February and cold but we're having fun with color!  It may be freezing outside; There may be a sea of white on your front lawn or just plain mud.  You may be yearning for something that pops in your life. 

An easy solution, go to your local florist, supermarket and grab some fresh,cut flowers.  Arranged in a vase on your hallway table; this a great way to give a quick jolt of color and happy hello everytime you pass it.  You could also pick up some green foliage/plant ( Something green and alive...emphasis on alive!).

You could go on a little outing and pick up some fun, patterned pillows....with color(be bold and adventurous with yellow or hot pink).  This would be a great facelift for
your living space...and should tide you over until Spring rolls around.

If you're "itchin" to do some work.....pick up some paint and tackle that hallway or bathroom you've been meaning to makeover.

No matter what you decide, a little pop of color can go a long way to make your spirit awaken and come least until the Spring comes around and works its' magic.

Have fun!

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