Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Making the most of your outside living space

Summer is here! Living in the mountains is especially beautiful during this time. All of the mountain foliage is at its' best, blooming and showing off spectacular colors. The lush greens of trees, ferns and other native plants invite you to take a stroll outside. Now is the best time to create a wonderful outdoor living space. It will not only give you more entertaining and living space it will give you a special appreciation for mother nature and her splendor.

Take the time to stroll around your property and see what needs to be freshened up. (ie. deck or patio needing to be pressure washed, outdoor furniture being washed and hosed down.) If you don't have furniture or it's seen it's best days; go in search for some amazing and let's not forget, comfortable seating. Decide what look you want to evoke (serene, playful, elegant, rustic, vibrant). Use seat cushions and pillows to add splashes of color. Get some beautiful planters with a variety of plants in different sizes, colors and textures to add interest and dimension to your space. Add some fun lighting to create ambiance and set the mood for kicking back on a lazy evening or entertaining with friends. Pull the space together with conversation starting accessories (ie. wall decor, lanterns, statues). Give this space some personal flair...sky's the limit! Kick off your new found living space by throwing a small get together with friends and family!

As a result of your efforts you may find you are outside admiring your beautiful landscape a lot more and it might just inspire you to move off of your deck and into your yard. Next year's projects might just start to take shape!