Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This room by Interior Designer Sheila Bridges inspires me to have some fun on my walls. What a great way to add dimension and interest to an otherwise plain wall.

After visiting Interior Designer Patricia Grays' Blog I came across this beautiful room that I wanted to makes me want to flop onto the sofa and daydream...No kids allowed....just me and my British Homes and Garden magazine.

R U Twittering!

Last night I participated in a Webinar about the power of Twittering. I am amazed how much I don't know about Social Media! In this tech crazy world we live in, everyone is bombarded with Facebook, UTube, Myspace and now Twittering. Twittering is basically an instant messaging network. You can talk about anything with anyone in a blink of an eye.....or tap of your fingers. It's a new way to connect with people and network. I'm not convinced I need to do this or have the time to do this but it did open my eyes to the way people are using it for their business. Gone are the days of "After Hours" Chamber it seems you must tweet in order to keep up with the fast pace of networking. No more...what do you sell and why should I it's.....random thoughts (A long drawn out way of getting you to "follow" me and "like" me so I can then sell to you). It seems kind of like dating.....Yuck! R U Twittering?