Thursday, September 17, 2009


With summer behind us it seems the days are flying by. I myself find my schedule has ratcheted back up. Between getting the kids out the door to school on time, getting in an early morning run, going to work, picking the kids up from school, shuttling them to all their after school activities, getting home to cook dinner, making sure they complete "all" their homework and finally getting them settled down and into bed makes me wonder......." where did the day go?".  For this crazy itinerary we all seem to share this time of year, I think it's necessary to make our home feel as warm and cozy as possible. This is not only for our own sanity but for our family's well being also.

 Start by taking down all summery linens and drapes. Wash them and put them away for the spring. Replace them with heavier weight fabrics with texture and richer colors ( i.e. waffle knit, heavy cotton, velvet, suede). Go out and find throw pillows in those same great rich, heavy textured fabrics. Add a yummy, warm knit throw blanket to your sofa or comfy reading chair (i.e. faux fur, cable knit, soft wool, fuzzy cotton). Buy some wonderful scented candles in fragrances that warm your soul (i.e. vanilla, spice, baked cookies). If you don't have throw rugs try putting down a rug to add warmth to a hallway or room. Throw some pinecones in a clear bowl, red apples in a tall vase or find some great fall foliage/botanicals to add to a fun container (vase,basket,bucket,wooden toolbox).

Now when you return from your harrowing, hectic day you can come home and feel like you're wrapping yourself in a favorite cozy sweater.


  1. Nothing like sweat shirt weather and cool crisp leaves falling. These are some great photos.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I love this weather.


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